Note: this is a work-in-progress and not the final proposal. We expect to launch in august (if we launch at all).  It is meant to give you the general picture about BizzDoge as we currently have it in mind. By all means, take 10 minutes to read it, and let us know what you think about it. We want to make a smart contract that works both for our business and for our investors.

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BizzDoge Tokenomics

Buy taxes 10%

Sell taxes 13%

Transfer taxes : 0%

Token allocation

Fair launch, no private sale.

max wallet size : 2% (20.000.000)

The locked supplier wallets are a new approach. Gamification of the business. Everyone in crypto knows : ‘iron hands’, never sell your tokens (especially revenu share tokens). Same applies to revenu share token-based businesses. If you sell the tokens, you make 5000 dollars for the LP at the start for a 2% package and you give away your entire future cashflow and the project bleeds to death.

We need a 50/50 situation, we need 50% tradeable tokens to keep the cashflow going, and max 50% for ‘gaming’ the supply market. I want to offer suppliers a 100% profit deal, they can reap the full 2% share in rewards but they give us 50% of the yield in products or services. In the first phase, on PancakeSwap and Poocoin, with 12K daytrade, the rewards on a 2% wallet are 10 dollars a day. That at 50% is 30 minutes work a day. But once the project hits CMC and gets 100-500K trade per day, the wallet yields 80-400 dollars per day and a supplier (like a telegram marketeer) can work all day for 40 to 100 dollars worth of services at 10 dollars an hour, alone or with a colleague.

That is how we can ‘gamify’ the supply side. The normal 1% taxation for organisation and 3% for marketing should get us a long way. All things considered tthat should be a decision of our tokenholders. Activating a supplier wallet drains 2-5% per wallet of the rewards for the BizzDoge hodlers, but that is compensated by the added value (especially if we can duplicate the product for all fantokens we produce, also future Fan Tokens) and hence the value and  the growth of the company and token. Less now is more in time, with networking products. If suppliers give us good services and products, the company grows. And the supplier can sell us even more of their products and services at 100% profit. Our growth is their growth.

But as said, I think the normal taxation will take us a long way. Maybe the first the project should be a voting DAO for the supplier wallets.

But otherwise, especially for the first two years, I (or a team of professionals) make the final calls. Your input is as always more than welcome, however, a startup needs a man with “the plan”. We have a complete business concept in mind that will take two or three years to come to fruition  and we do not want people to derail it for their own personal profits. Greed is often blinding, people pick the short term profit and don’t think about the long term profits. A 4% revenu share on a healthy token gives you an estimated 50% ROI per year on your entry price in a normal market with 3% daytrade. If the combi of price and trade volume goes up, so does your ROI. You have to invest and sow in order to reap. Apart from that, we do not have one month time or longer for  a group decision in the startup phase. But in time, once the concept is up and running, we will put parts of the business in a DAO. I myself usually commit for 4 years, and then I want to do something else. Anything gets boring over time.

That is the rough sketch for now. We have to think this over, do more calculations and work out the final deal on this.

max wallet size : 2% (20.000.000)


Daily rewards payments.

We don’t believe in hourly payments. In general (from abundant personal experience) small hodlers get a few cents cents per hour and it costs 15 cents per transaction. That is a waste of project funds. We pay rewards once a day, if it is more than 5 Dogecoin in rewards (currently ~65 dollar cents). We will publish the rewards payment threshold on our website.


We will have a dashboard asap (after we launch the token on PancakeSwap) where you can check the main token data, check your rewards and claim your rewards if you want to.

When Lambo ?

We were thinking, a Lambo costs $200K. That may seem much, but at 10 million market cap, with 3% average normal daytrade (300K), and 3% marketing taxation that amounts to 9K marketing budget per day. After a month of normal trade on 10 million market cap we should be able to buy a Lambo and organize a Lambo lottery, for anyone with more than 0,05% tokens (at 10 million market, that is 5.000 dollars worth of BizzDoge). That is a 1 in 2000 shot at a Lambo.

That is just a rough estimate. I do not know if it works out that way once we are up an running, but I figure any serious token has to give you a shot at the Lambo. Crypto is about Lambo’s and Moonshots. Apart from serious business investments, of course.

And for the smaller hodlers, we can do a Tesla lottery for hodlers between 250 and 5000 dollars of BizzDoge. Or a lottery with 200 prizes of 250 dollars in BizzDoge, whatever our holders want (within budget). We are always open to ideas.  Something fun, rinse and repeat every three months. The higher the market cap, the more Lambo’s and Tesla’s. 

I still have to work out the marketing plan. But dawgs, the Lambo is  what investing is all about. Let’s go Lambo !


march – july 2022

augustus 2022

november 2022

december 2022 – february 2023

feb 23

march 23 >

Auto-airdrop of new Bizzdoge Originals tokens

We are considering giving all BizzDoge hodlers more than 0.1% share in BizzDoge a pro-rate share in 10% of any new token. Would that increase the value of the BizzDoge token for you ? It would give hodlers an actual share in the business process, where otherwise you would only have a share in the BizzDoge token. It would give any new token an instant hodler-count, an instant network. Tokens are social financial networking products. The bigger the network, the sooner the token succeeds. Shill a lot, please. It benefits both the mother-token and all baby-tokens.

It would be limited to BizzDoge Originals, the tokens we produce ourselves. Hodlers do not automatically get a share in commercial client tokens. Unless the client wants to add you to their fanbase and insist you get some tokens. But that would be their decision.

I still have to work out the concept, but I would love to hear your response to it.