Fan Tokens

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.
Elon Musk

Full Service

for a 1% transaction fee

Set up at no cost for basic tokens. BizzDoge takes care of your token, programming, setup, basic audit, LP and standard dApps like a dashboard, for a 1% share in transactions.

If we develop new dApps, we supply and integrate them for free.


Max 4 - 10 projects per year

We only work with high potential customers with an existing fanbase.



For smart people.

We develop tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

BSC offers 5 seconds transaction speed and 15 cents transaction cost, with sufficient battle tested infrastructure like PinkSale and PancakeSwap, and a growing investor crowd.

Billion dollar babies are possible on BSC, like BabyDoge.

Why Us

How we do it

Don't reinvent the wheel


We develop the technology once and duplicate it to all token projects. You also benefit from other projects we manage, and our costs are covered from the 1% transaction share in all projects.

We work with succesful service providers and we aim to be your full service business partner.

Proven Solutions

We stick to our guns

We preferably work according to a standard formula. Things that works in the current market. Keep it simple, so the fans comprehend your offer.

First we get the show on the road, then we can always talk about NFT’s (your unique pictures for your fans), an NFT market place, staking and farming, and in the future also the MetaVerse.

"A tasty Burger !"

The MacDonalds of fan tokens

We want to be the MacDonalds of Fan Tokens. Standard tokens are not gourmet, but they never disappoint. Average Joe loves it.


Case studies

About Us

Who we are

Business economists, programmers, entrepreneurs, marketeers.

We are the decisive factor behind your Web 3.0 success

Performers, politicians, movie stars, and soccer teams  (to name a few) do not want to be bothered with technical details. People should do what they are good at and love. Leave the DeFi technical stuff to us, that is what we love doing.